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3 German POW by CainIsNotMyEnemy
3 German POW
Colored from black and white (or sepia) by me.
German prisoners of war found in a U-Boat after their submarine sank. July, 1943. Atlantic battle.
The lucky ones by CainIsNotMyEnemy
The lucky ones
3D scene. WWII German mutilated and face burned by a bomb back in Germany from the front,1943.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"Cain is not my enemy, he is just a jealous brother. And I'm in peace with him."

1993 is my year.

ABOUT- Nazi collections

I used to collect photographs about Nazi Germany from everywhere, so I have lots on my computer. I decided to post them here.
Most of them are part of album collections but I don't own any of those.

(I don't mean to be rude with any of the content of this virtual space, I'm just a history lover. I'm respectful and respect is the only thing I may receive back.)

Thanks for viewing.

Speaking in loneliness

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 21, 2013, 12:28 PM

I'm the lonely man who walks down through this impassable road, surrounded by anything; no one, nothing.
I think my wounded hand is rotting, I don't want to look at it. I may loose my mind if I realize how bad it is. Somehow I know I'm gonna loose it. I'm getting tired, I must sit down somewhere... but where?
I don't feel my feet, I hate this white surface, I can't walk properly. Where the fuck I am?
I remember that hot summer in Hamburg, my brother was still alive, smiling as always.
Taking those photos with his new camera... happy birthday GŁnter. Today you would be twenty three.
I still cry when I think on you, like a baby. Like a fucking baby. My big brother, my inspiration...
I miss you so much. I'm getting mad here, you know how it is.
The white hell where there's no fire, but snow that burns your skin instead.
Today I have loosed my unite. They are all dead, brother, all of them are dead.
Russians are getting back, we are getting into the region more and more. This country is bullshit.
I want to be home, I want to hug mommy once more. Be with my sweet girlfriend and kiss her warm lips.
I'm in love, I want to marry her. The day I return back I will my brother.
Because I will return home. Death is not for me, I'm a fighter and always be. I will survive this unfair war.
I can't see the sky, it's full of dark clouds.
I have seen the moon during the battle, so shiny throw the clouds full of fire and deaf sounds. I looked at it and I dreamed for one second with that lake near grandma's house.
I saw myself sitting down in the shore; I was an old man, GŁnter.
You know what it means. One second after I was alone in the front, my comrades, all bombed or fired.
No more than bodies reduced to blood and red meat with worn green and white coats.
I continued with the fire though.
It's our duty isn't it? I never thought it was the end, so it wasn't for me...
I'm waiting for the next shock troops.
They were coming for help but haven't arrived. Six tanks my brother...
Do you think they will give me a honor medal? The Iron Cross 2nd class.
I'm the only survivor and I did it alone.
I don't mind if they don't give me it at all. I will settle if I return.
I don't want more of this, no more dead brothers.
No more snow, no more fire, just peace and silence.
A bed... oh God, I haven't sleep more than two hours per day.
I'm hungry and cold, this shit is clouding my mind. Wait, I'm hearing something now.
I think I have found them. Didn't I tell you GŁnter? I will be back soon.
Mum and dad are praying for news of me after your dead.
I'm gonna give them the news about my return personally. -

  • Listening to: Rammstein - Engel
  • Eating: Salmůn ahumado
  • Drinking: Water

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